Majesty of the Seas Live Blog / Dec. 2017

Day 1: The adventure begins!

Bright and early, I took off for Port Canaveral and my 4-night Bahamas cruise on Majesty of the Seas.

Day 2: Beach bed in CocoCay

I treated myself to a beach bed rental in CocoCay. It was a splurge for one person, but would be a great option for 2-4 people!

Day 3: Another stop in Nassau

This day's stop in Nassau featured some old favorites and a new find.

Day 4: A day at sea

I love a day at sea - even when it's the last day of the cruise! Day 4's highlights included a tour of the 

Day 5: Travel, interrupted

Well, this day didn't turn out quite as I had planned. It's really true in travel that patience is a virtue - almost a necessity!

Day 6: A happy ending

On my second day of fighting winter weather, I finally made it home after my Bahamas cruise.